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Job Hunting from A to Z

Our Dream Jobs are our Ultimate goal, but for that goal, we have to use many different routes to get there ..

Before talking about Job Hunting methods, we have to define it first

Job Hunting is defined as : Job hunting, job seeking, or job searching is the act of looking for employment, due to unemployment or discontent with a current position. The immediate goal of job seeking is usually to obtain a job interview with an employer which may lead to getting hired. The job hunter or seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or employment opportunities.

In the Internet Era we live in, there has been a lot of branding and more media volumes for companies to post their vacancies. So, we just have to know which channels we should be using to get to the Jobs posted in the companies

Friends / Relatives, using this technique, we show interest to everyone we know, relative, or friend, that we are looking for a job, as (your position), and that you would be grateful if they can give you a hand in that ( You have to show that you need their help, because some people actually think that you are just telling them a story, accordingly, they don't provide of even offer help, because they think you know your own way )

Online Communities: that includes yahoo groups, google groups, professional forums, and the like. And there are websites that you can never think of, could have a jobs section in it, as well as the portal websites

Social Networking websites, recently, Facebook, and Linkedin (a professional social networking website) has been used aggressively by both, employers and employees
Linkedin: is a website where you make your profile as your CV, and connect to groups of recruitment, you can even search executives in the company where you want to work, and actually network with him, by getting to know him better, and ask whether they have an available vacancies in their company (this is very acceptable since the executives and seniors of companies already make their accounts public on Linkedin, and it's much more better if you actually used these approaches, as you will get to talk to him before having an interview with him)
Facebook: is a social networking website, but there are a lot of recruitment groups that post jobs for free, from different sources

Magazines / Local Newspaper, of course one of the most important routes for searching for a job are the Local newspapers, and Specialized magazines, like IT Magazines, which not only provides Jobs of different companies, but also provides a trend for the Jobs of the market, and also provides a hint about where the economy is going

Recruitment Agencies, a lot of companies try to avoid the headache of hiring, and recruiting people, so they use recruitment agencies to help them in that process. So, you have to provide recruitment agencies a recent copy of your resume for any case like that

Recruitment websites, just as companies use recruitment agencies, they also use recruitment websites, so, you need to know the famous recruitment website in your country and apply in these websites and keep tracking of the jobs they post on the website

Company's website, some companies actually have a section on their website called "Careers", in this section you have to submit your application, and it's directly sent to their Database and they refer to it when they have a vacancy.

Walk-ins / Cold Calls, though these approaches are not widely used, they are very effective tools, because it shows interest in working for the company you applied for
as for walk-ins: its when you go to the company personally and hand them a copy of your updated resume
while Cold Calls: are when you call a company, and ask to be referred to their HR Department, and then ask whether they have the job you are seeking or not, and if they don't have it now, you can ask when it would be available ( this shows interest in the company, as well as persistence )

Job Fairs, are most common tools of providing jobs for a massive number of people, but I personally don't recommend them as a priority when applying for a job

Professional Communities, being a member of active communities in your own field enables you to show yourself to your prospective employer, or to someone who might refer you to an employer, so try to join the communities of your job ( Marketing Communities, HR Communities, Engineering Communities .. etc. )
Please refer to my article, Job Fairs in Egypt for more details

Hope the information provided was helpful,
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